TCL Slovakia s.r.o. Reliable partner in transportation

Dear Business Partners, Allow us to introduce TCL Slovakia s.r.o., who established their activities in the field of logistics in the Slovak and foreign markets in 2010.

Despite the company’s short existence, they have several renowned partners who have expressed great satisfaction with the company’s actions in the shipping market thanks to their flexibility and adaptability in responding to customer requirements, their qualified team of employees as well as good quality service and attractive prices.

We offer several options for the transportation of goods including: railway and intermodal transportation using the railway routes of European transportation companies and the Commonwealth of Independent States, as well as road haulage transport of carload freight in the EC, Ukraine and Russia.

Thanks to our flexibility and complete freight service, we strive to implement quality delivery of goods to the customer and therefore achieve subsequent customer satisfaction. Quality, reliability and an economic approach influence the final effect of the whole logistics chain, resulting in customer satisfaction and costs savings. We will help you to towards transporting your goods and we believe that we will succeed in building long term mutual cooperation.

THE AIM of the company is to offer services to fully satisfy all current and future customers.

Flexibility and quality

of provided services in one place

Wide spectrum

of options for transport, transhipment, storage and provided services

Timely and comprehensive

solution to your requirements and problems with transport

Long experience

and qualified team of co-workers in the area of forwarding and customs declaration

We offer solutions in the areas

We will be happy to answer your questions

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Customs declaration

TCL Slovakia s.r.o. Will provide you with comprehensive customs declaration services for the import and export of goods from the EU to the CIS through border stations Čierna nad Tisou and Maťovce.

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